Are friends electric?

Friends of the planet realise that electric vehicles (EVs) are not only necessary but also inevitable. EVs bring many benefits that extend well beyond zero carbon emission. EVs are also, in many ways superior in design, function, performance and are seriously exciting. The fastest ever production car with a claimed 1.9 seconds to 100 kilometres per hour is Nuvudu Technology is now marketing a range of Electric Vehicle (EV) smart chargers for local Government, hospitality, business and community applications. We provide a wealth of information for those considering a transition to EVs and also those who seek to capitalise on the remarkable financial benefits the EV evolution provides. Nuvudu Technology was established to concentrate on new and developing technologies, particularly in renewables and smart integrated technologies. Nuvudu Technology is a division of Satellite Television and Radio Australia Pty Ltd and we have a long and respected professional reputation with our local Government and regional community clients.