Who is Nuvudu Technology?

Nuvudu Technology is a division of Satellite Television and Radio Australia Pty Ltd (STRA). Our parent company has been assisting local Government, rural communities and the hospitality industry for almost a decade with communications and technology infrastructure. With the electrification and automation of many daily tasks and procedures, Nuvudu Technology has been established to expand on the work and range of STRA and continue to assist our clients as they enter the realm of electric vehicles and the Internet of Things (IoT). Embracing EVs and ensuring your community can accommodate them will be of substantial financial benefit. The adoption of low cost chargers will save a considerable amount of money, otherwise spent on fossil fuels. By installing low cost EV chargers now, your community will be entering one of the fastest growing markets in the world today. We feel that affordable EV chargers are just as essential as the internet, wi-fi and electronic media. Right now, EVs and Hybrid PHEV are, in many ways, superior to vehicles burning fossil fuels. Please contact us when you need to know just how EVs can become an essential part of your business, life and community.