Cities are ready...are you?

Capital cities have installed rapid charging stations to cater for the inevitability of electric vehicles dominating city and suburban streets. State Governments have installed rapid chargers along East Coast major highways. Rapid chargers will be important for supporting long drives, but most EV charging will be done over-night at home, at the work-place or in motels, caravan parks and shopping centres. Most will simply need topping up. EV Chargers from $1,495 - $3,000 Most EVs can be charged to around 80 percent capacity over-night with a low-cost 7kWh charger. A typical ~7kWh charger is a 32 Amp, single phase appliance. Much like an electric oven, hot water service, or large split system, it will need its own circuit, but that’s it. These chargers need to be installed by a qualified electrician on their own protected circuit (just like an air conditioner). Multiple units can be installed and even notify the EV vehicle owner via a text message or email when their car is charged.