The future is here. When will your community benefit?

The roll out of high capacity rapid charging stations has been taking place in capital cities, large regional centres and East Coast national highways for a few years now.
However, there has been little corporate investment in EV charging stations in regional and remote areas of Australia. Free Wi-Fi but nowhere to charge the car!Caravan Parks and local motels routinely offer free Wi-Fi, Subscription TV and other services to entice guests.
But what if those guests are driving EVs?
Where will these drivers choose to stay?
As Australian businesses realise the massive savings on fuel costs by switching to EVs, vehicle fleets will rapidly expand.
So too will private ownership of EVs as the savings on running costs, according to the Australian Electric Vehicle Council, are approximately $1,560 per year. Australia 2019 largest mining company recently announced that they anticipate EVs will become the predominant vehicle of choice within 15 years.